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The Jewish Population of Canada - 2011 National Household Survey

Charles Shahar | Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA , 2011

The Canadian Jewish population in 2011 was 391,666, representing 1.2% of the total Canadian population. 

The June 2014 report on the Jewish Population of Canada, 2011, by Charles Shahar, is based on data from the 2011 Canadian National Household Survey.  Part 1 of the report focuses on Basic Population Demographics and was combined with Part 2 on Jewish Population in Geographic Areas.  In September 2014, Charles Shahar issued Part 3, Jewish Seniors and Part 4, The Jewish Poor as a combined report.

In addition to this national report on Jews in Canada, there are also eleven other reports on Jewish communities in Canada (see links on the left of the National 2011 overview page).  For most of these communities, all four parts of the report series are available; for smaller communities (such as Halifax, London, Windsor), there were an insufficient number of Jewish persons for reports on seniors and the poor

Population and Demographics: National Data

The Jewish population of Canada was 391,665 in 2011. Jews comprised 1.2% of the total...

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New and Noteworthy

Jewish Maps of the United States by Congressional District - revised January 2014

Joshua Comenetz | Berman Jewish DataBank@The Jewish Federations of North America , 2014

The National Study of American Jewish Giving, 2013 - Connected to Give

Jim Gerstein, Steven Martin Cohen, J. Shawn Landres | Connected to Give , 2013

The Great Recession and American Jews: Evidence from Baltimore, Chicago and Cleveland

Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz | Berman Jewish DataBank@The Jewish Federations of North America , 2014

2013 Comparisons of Jewish Communities: A Compendium of Tables and Bar Charts

Ira M. Sheskin | Mandell and Madeleine Berman Foundation, The Jewish Federations of North America , 2013