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Dallas Jewish Community Study, 1971

Sponsor(s): Jewish Welfare Federation of Dallas

Principal Investigator(s): Betty J. Maynard

Study Dates: August, 1971-February, 1972

Sample: Adult Jewish Households in Dallas County

Sample Size: 464

Sample Notes: The data were gathered from 464 individuals in Jewish households. It is estimated in the published report that there are 18,000 Jews living in 6,280 Jewish households in Dallas County. The sampling universe consisted of households located in Dallas County The sample consisted of households randomly selected from two sampling frames: organizational lists and Distinctive Jewish Names (DJN). The list sample was drawn from the master list of the Jewish Welfare Federation and the names of persons residing at Golden Acres. To enhance the coverage of the list, an additional sample of 90 households with DJN?s not represented in the list sample were added (the rate at which these households were sampled is unclear as it seems they were added to the list database before sampling). The population estimates are adjusted by the estimated proportion of Jews not represented in the list sample (10 percent), which was derived from DJN analysis of telephone directory entries. It is stated in the report that interviews were completed with 62 percent of the 750 households initially sampled (the AAPOR response rate would be higher than this figure, as some of the households not reached would be excluded from calculation of the response rate).


Survey Reports

» Dallas-1972 Main Report

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Dallas-1972 Questionnaire

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