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The Denver Jewish Population Study of 1981

Sponsor(s): Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado

Principal Investigator(s): Bruce A. Phillips, Eleanore P. Judd

Study Dates: March-June, 1981

Population Estimates: Approximately 38,600 Jewish persons lived in an estimated 19,000 Jewish households in 1981. Total number of people in Jewish households was 42,600.
Sample: Adult Jewish Households in the Greater Denver Area.

Sample Size: 802 respondents.

Sample Notes: Telephone survey interview of 802 individuals in Jewish households via a random digit dialed telephone interview survey. Methodological details included in Main Report, including explanation of Jewish household estimation procedures.

Data are not weighted to project to the estimated number of Jewish households in Denver. "Caswgt" variable should be used for analysis; it compensates for geographic oversampling. N-876 with "caswgt"

Study Notes: Report identifies 42,600 "Jewish persons," but that number includes non-Jewish spouses and non-Jewish partners of couples. Estimate of 38,600 Jewish noted above was reported in 1997 Greater Denver/Boulder Jewish Community Study by Ukeles Associates, and is based on note in 1981 Report that approximately 4,000 intermarried couples/partners resided in the community in 1981. While some of the non-Jewish-born spouses may have converted to Judaism, the 38,600 Jewish person estimate is probably the most useful estimate, since non-Jewish raised children are also included in the 42,600 estimate initially reported in 1981.


Survey Reports

» Main Report

» Informal Ties and Formal Affiliations Report

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» Fertility Report

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» Children in the Household Report

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Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

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Data Files and Data Definitions

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