A Population Study of the Jewish Community of Rochester, 1986

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Federation of Rochester

Principal Investigator(s): Gary A. Tobin, Sylvia Barack Fishman, Jocelyn Goldberg

Study Dates: 1986

Population Estimates:

The 1986 Greater Rochester Jewish community study estimates that approximately 23,000 Jewish persons live in 10,800 Jewish households.  The report (as Dr. Tobin did in many reports in the 1980s) stresses that 25,800 people live in these Jewish households -  and are related to the Jewish person.

Individuals living in the household who are not related to the Jewish person are not included in the estimate of the total number of people in Jewish HH.


Adult Jewish Households in Rochester.

A triple screen was used: (1) Are you Jewish? )2) Is any member of the household Jewish? (3) was any member of the household born or raised as a Jew?"  

The questionnaire (which was Appendix I in the Main Report) has been added in 2016.

Sample Size: 400

Sample Notes:

These data were gathered from 400 individuals in households that contained a person who defined herself or himself as a Jew (or was so described by the initial informant)  - - or someone born or raised as a Jew.

300 Interviews were completed via random sampling from the Jewish Federation list.

100 interviews were completed from random sampling of telephone numbers (with a base universe of 10,000 RDD numbers).

Study Notes:

The published report noted that there are about 25,800 people living in these households, who are related to the Jewish adult.  This estimate includes the non-Jewish spouses, children, and other relatives of Jews in the household; it excludes all non-Jews who live in Jewish households and who are unrelated to anyone in the household, i.e., roomers, roommates, friends,  etc.

In other reports, Tobin estimates that 11% of the 25,800 estimate are non-Jewish relatives -  thus the DataBank uses the 23,000 Jewish persons estimate.

The sampling universe included Jewish households located in Rochester, NY. This includes an institutionalized Jewish population, primarily in nursing homes. 

Language: English


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