San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Population Study, 1986

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties

Principal Investigator(s): Gary A. Tobin

Study Dates: April-July, 1986

Population Estimates:

An estimated 207,800 Jews live in 90,700 Jewish households in the Study area.

An additional 15,000 non-Jews (including apparently some people with "no religion") reside in these households for a total of 227,800 people in these households - Jews represent 93% of all household members.

Please note that the report often equates the "Jewish population" with the total of all household members who are related to the survey respondent, NOT just the number of Jews (15,000 less).

Key Findings:

Summary of results on pages 2-5 of the Summary Report extensively describes the major findings of the survey.


Adult Jewish Households in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sample Size: 2,422 telephone interviews - of whom 934 are males and 1,488 females (variable "sex;" data file also has separate variables in data file: "male" and "female").

Sample Notes:

Sampling area covered service areas of three Federations which sponsored the study (see variable "Fed").


The sampling universe included Jewish households located in San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties.Stratified sampling design included approximately 800 RDD interviews and 1,600 randomly-sampled interviews from Jewish community/federation lists (as well as some DJN interviews in low incidence areas).

RDD design and list sample were apparently stratified by zip codes.

Data file available from 1986 study has many variables for which definitions do not exist; Jewish status of each household member is not apparent in the data file.


However, the data file contains all 2,422 interviews, while "wtfactor" (when used as weight) extrapolates number of Jewish households to the 90,700 estimate (90,666 precise).The Data Bank reviewed the file in January 2013 and computed a total population weight ("PeopleWt") by multiplying the HH weight for each interview by "a" - the number of people in the HH.Total number of estimated people was 227,307 using this variable, which does not differentiate relatives and non-relatives, so it appears not be a perfect match for the reported population data, but a relatively close approximation.Data were weighted to adjust for over-sampling by list/RDD frame, and adjusted by gender since females out numbered males by 1,488 to 934.

The weighted by "PeopleWt" percentage of males was 48% after the weighting adjustment (52% female post weighting compared to 61% prior to adjustment).

Language: English


Survey Reports

» Special Report: Human Services Needs Assessment

» Summary Report

» Philanthropy and Volunteerism Report

» Jewish Identity and Community Involvement

» Demographic Profile Report

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Questionnaire

Data Files and Data Definitions

» Zipped SPSS Data File

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