2001 Census Analysis Series: The Jewish Community of Toronto

Sponsor(s): UIA Federations Canada, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Principal Investigator(s): Charles Shahar, Tina Rosenbaum

Study Dates: May 1-15, 2001 Canadian Census. Data provided to UAI Federations Canada by Statistics Canada.

Population Estimates:

The estimated Jewish population of Toronto (Ontario) was 179,100 in 2001.

Jews comprise 3.9% of the total population of Toronto.

Jewish Toronto is the 9th largest Jewish community in North America, after New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Broward Coun

Key Findings:

Available reports on the Jewish Community of Toronto parallel the series of reports based on the 2001 Census which have been issued for Canadian Jews nationally and most Canadian cities with significant Jewish populations (all available at the Data Bank).

The available reports include:


  • (1) Basic Demographics focuses on Jewish numbers, population trends, demographic characteristics.


  • (2) Jewish Populations in Geographic Areas focuses on geographic distribution patterns and comparisons


  • (3) The Jewish Elderly report summarizes data on the number of Jewish seniors, Jewish seniors in poverty, and Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust.


  • (4) The Jewish Poor provides insight into poverty among Toronto's Jews.


  • (5) Immigration and Language.


  • (6) Issues in Jewish Identity summarizes data on intermarriage, raising children as Jews (including intermarried households), and Jewish education.


  • NOTE: A Jewish Families Report (#7) was only issued for Canadian Jews in the national series; it includes additional intermarriage-related analyses. The National report includes comparisons among the largest Jewish communities in Canada.


    • Data tables summarizing the Jewish family materials for Toronto are available below.

Adult Jewish respondents residing in Toronto interviewed during the 2001 Census.

Definitions of Jewish persons based on combination of census questions on religion of respondent and ethnicity.

See Appendix 3 in Basic Demographics for discussion of "The Jewish Standard Definition."