2004 Twin Cities Jewish Population Study

Sponsor(s): Minneapolis Jewish Federation, United Jewish Fund and Council of St. Paul

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: May 7-20, 2004

Population Estimates: 2004 Twin Cities Jewish population estimates: 40,000 Jewish persons live in 19,000 Jewish HH; an additional 8,700 non-Jews live in these households.

Minneapolis 2004 estimates: 29,100 Jews live in 13,850 Jewish households (with an additional 6,200 non-Jewish persons).

St. Paul 2004 estimates: 10,900 Jews live in 5,150 Jewish households (with an additional 2,500 non-Jewish persons.

A 2010 St. Paul update based on an analysis of distinctive Jewish and Russian names (without any interviews) estimates 9,900 Jews and 2,300 non-Jewish persons live in 4,700 Jewish households).

Sample: Adult Jewish households in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN metro areas

Sample Size: 1240

Sample Notes: The 2004 Twin Cities study sample consisted of a telephone survey with a random digit dialing (RDD) sample, supplemented by a DJN (Distinctive Jewish Name)/RJN (Russian Jewish [First] Name) sample taken from the current Twin Cities telephone directory.

  • In total, 1,240 telephone interviews were conducted in the Twin Cities Combined: 411 RDD interviews, 829 DJN/RJN:

  • Minneapolis: 208 RDD and 538 DJN/RJN: total 746 interviews, and

  • St. Paul: 203 RDD and 291 DJN/RJN: total 494 interviews.
Study Notes: Data Files: there are three data files (each in SPSS SAV and POR format:)

Weight factors: (wf) and (wfhh) both can be used for data analysis in all data files.

Using "wf," a weighting factor which includes adjustments for voice lines, etc., N=1,203.

Weight factor "Wfhh" extrapolates to the total number of households in the two communities: precise wfhh= 18,998 HH Twin Cities, 13,842 HH Minneapolis, and 5,157 HH St. Paul.

The three data files:

  • Twin Cities data file 2004 has all 1,240 interviews in a combined data file. FedArea variable allows for comparison of Minneapolis and St. Paul data.

  • Minneapolis data file 2004 has 746 interviews from that community only.

  • St. Paul data file 2004 has 494 interviews.