2005 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion

Sponsor(s): American Jewish Committee (AJC)

Study Dates: November 14-27, 2005

Key Findings:

The 2005 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion, commissioned by the American Jewish Committee focused on American Jewish attitudes on a wide range of topics, including: the campaign against terrorism, the war with Iraq, attitudes towards Israel and the Israeli government's handling of relations with the Palestinian Authority, the prospects for a lasting peace, whether Israel should be willing to compromise on the status of Jerusalem as a united city under Israeli jurisdiction, and similar items.

Also included in the survey were questions on the respondent's opinion of the United Nations, considerations when voting on a Supreme Court nominee, whether the government should provide taxpayer funds for social service programs run by religious institutions, the U.S. government's response in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the importance of energy independence and the best way for U.S. to handle its energy needs, as well as several Jewish identity questions: the importance of being Jewish, denominational self-identification, and synagogue or temple membership.

Summaries of the survey results can be found in Press Releases, Data Summaries and Banners in the downloadable files below.

Sample Size: 1002 telephone interviews with self-identified Jews selected from the Synovate consumer panel.

Sample Notes:

Data are not weighted. Report indicates that the interviewed respondents are "...demographically representative of the United States adult Jewish population on a variety of measures."

Data files, banners and questionnaires on the Data Bank website are based on materials on the web site of The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, which are part of their massive collection of American public opinion research studies

Study Notes: No interviews were conducted on the Jewish Sabbath.


Survey Reports

» Data Summary

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Questionnaire

» Banners, Part 2

» Banners, Part 1

Data Files and Data Definitions

» Zipped SPSS Data File

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