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Social and Demographic Survey of the Jewish Community of Houston 1976

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Houston

Principal Investigator(s): Sam Schulman, David Gottlieb, Sheila Sheinberg

Study Dates: Field Work Interviewing Phase: April- end of summer, 1975

Population Estimates: Survey Report estimates the Jewish population was 24,000, living in 7,800 Jewish households.

"Jewish population" may include non-Jewish persons in these households [few in 1976, Data Bank assumes]; no separate count of non-Jews.

Key Findings: Estimate of 24,000 Jewish households interpreted as Jewish population is 1.6% of total Greater Houston population in 1976.

Topics covered in the Report include:

  • Demographic Characteristics of the Jewish population,

  • Children and Youth,

  • The Golden Years, Older Members of the Community,

  • Jewish Identity: Attitudes, Values and Perceptions,

  • Religiosity,

  • Organization, Agencies and Services: Jewish and Secular,

  • Implications of the Survey
  • Sample: List provided by the Jewish Community Council was basis of survey of Jewish persons living in Houston.

    Sample Size: 574 households completed interviews: 485 apparently in-person interviews lasting approximately 45-60 minutes in length and 89 mail questionnaire completions.

    Sample Notes: List Study sample began with a total of 1,300 Jewish household entries.

    Methodological details in first chapter of report.

    After removing duplicates and households which had moved, functional List total was approximately 8,000.

    Volunteer interviewers trained and used for the surveys.

    Goal of 1,000 completed interviews via a simple random sample was adjusted and reduced to 574 completes and contacting-interviewing extended from planned June, 1976 completion to the "end of the summer."

    Data are not weighted - although Methods discussion indicates that if extrapolation to the estimated number of Jewish households is desired, HH weight should be 13.514 for all households.


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