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Opinions and Attitudes of the New Orleans Jewish Community 1973

Sponsor(s): Jewish Welfare Federation of New Orleans, Louisiana

Principal Investigator(s): Louis Bowles

Study Dates: The two New Orleans Jewish Community reports are essentially a copy of data frequency tables from the two surveys described. Data are based on List of Jewish households known to the Jewish community.

Population Estimates: 3,807 individuals living in 1,358 Jewish households which were part of the studies. No overall estimate of the size of the Jewish community included
Sample: Sample is based on Jewish Federation lists. Two. samples used for different purposes: (a) Federation Planning Study, and (b) Demographic Study

Sample Size: The Federation Planning study completed 379 in-person, in-depth interviews with adult Jewish heads of households.

The Demographic study had a sample of 1, 358. These shorter interviews were completed both by telephone and in-person.

Sample Notes: Two parallel surveys of the Jewish community of Greater New Orleans were conducted simultaneously.

The first study was to aid in Federation planning. In this survey, initially a sample of 650 names was selected at random from the list of 3,800 names and addresses maintained in the office of the Jewish Welfare Federation. After all 650 households had been contacted, however, the sample yielded 379 sufficiently completed interviews for analysis.

The second study was designed to determine the demographics of the Jewish community. The sample for this study was the remaining 3,150 households in the mailing list. These names were supplied to a group of volunteer interviewers recruited and supervised by the Federation, who attempted to complete a telephone interview for each of these households, asking for the same demographic data included in the personal interview survey.

A total of 1,358 households were interviewed in this manner for the demographic study: 379 in person and 979 by telephone.

Study Notes: This report contains two separate files with the results of each survey. The "Main Report" contains detailed information on the needs of the community, but it does not contain the details of the demographics. It does include the data sets and survey instruments used in the in person interviews. The "Demographic Report" contains detailed information on the demographics of the community, including the data sets and the survey instrument.

The demographic profile contains a number of comparative tables with the findings from the 1958 study of the New Orleans Jewish community.


Survey Reports

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