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The Demographic and Judaic Profiles of the Jews of North Jersey

Sponsor(s): UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey

Principal Investigator(s): Mervin F. Verbit

Study Dates: Spring, 1969 - Spring, 1970

Population Estimates: 6311 individuals living in 1722 households
Sample Notes: The study was carried out in two stages. A demographic questionnaire was mailed to every household on the combined lists of the Paterson Area Jewish Community Council and the Fair Lawn Jewish Community Council. In order to test the representativeness of the sample, a subsample of those who did not respond was drawn, and every effort was made to elicit their answers. Data were gathered on 1722 households, representing 6311 individuals. In the second stage of the study, a systematic sample of individuals was drawn from the households which responded, and these individuals were interviewed.


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