The Jews of Worcester 1957

Sponsor(s): Worcester Jewish Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Morris H. Cohen

Study Dates: October-December, 1957

Population Estimates: 9,333 individual Jews living in 2,978 households.
Key Findings: Report indicates a significant tremendous shift in the Jewish population from the East Side of Worcester to the West Side.

Three quarters of the Jewish population live in only two of the city’s thirty one census tracts which is significant in terms of moving services from the East side to the West side of the city.

Worcester Jews were overwhelmingly members of synagogues or temples in the fall of 1957. Only 13.5% of the heads of households were unaffiliated with some congregation.

1116 men and 24 women served in the United States armed forces by the fall of 1957, primarily in World War II.

Sample: Jewish households on the Jewish Welfare Fund list.
Sample Notes: The Jewish Welfare Fund list was cross checked with other local Jewish organizations to expand the list, but no one was included on the list that was previously unknown to the Jewish community.

The report does not include any information on response rate to the study or an exact number of interviews conducted.

Study Notes: 150 trained volunteers interviewed every known Jewish family in Worcester either by telephone or in person.

Materials in the Appendix provide some information about interviewers credentials, topics in the survey and public meetings presenting survey results.

Data file not available.


Survey Reports

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