Sacramento 1986 Jewish Population Study

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of the Greater Sacramento Region

Population Estimates: No population estimate was presented in this Federation list-only interview study of 302 respondents which focused mostly on potential campaign issues and fund-raising.
Key Findings: The 1986 Sacramento Region study has limited utility as a Jewish community study given its focus on interviewing respondents from the Federation mailing list only. The major focus of the study was on campaign issues and potential fund-raising.
  • Not surprisingly, 97% of the 302 List respondents knew of the Federation, and had positive impressions of the Federation and its services.

  • Four out of five respondents thought they had contributed to the Jewish Federation in the three years preceding the survey. The typical contributor was described as "...a married male over the age of thirty with an annual household income of over $60,000."

  • Lower rates of contribution to the Federation were reported among young respondents and the unmarried, newer migrants to the community, and those who lived outside of Sacramento County.

  • Some possible campaign themes resonated with survey respondents: 60% thought that anti-Semitism was a very important issue, 58% identified Israel as very important, 54% viewed Jewish education as very important. Lower percentages identified as very important: the Jewish elderly (38%), Jewish homeless (31%), Jewish child care (22%) and social activities (22%).

  • Respondents preferred to be solicited for contributions by direct mail, by telephone, at special events rather than by direct in-person contact for solicitation.

Sample Size: Federation List survey. 302 respondents were interviewed from September 22 to September 24, 1986.

Sample Notes: Data file is unavailable, but Data Bank "downloadable files" include 34 item questionnaire with basic frequencies/marginals, as well as a "Frequencies and Cross-Tabs" document which has over 120 pages of basic survey responses and cross-tabulations in a modified stubs and banners format.

A transcript of verbatim responses from open-ended questions also exists as a PDF file.


Survey Reports

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Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

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» Frequencies and Cross-Tabs

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