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The Boro Park Community Survey 1982

Sponsor(s): Council for Jewish Organizations of Boro Park, NY

Principal Investigator(s): Joel Schwartz

Study Notes: 1982 "Main Report" summarizes census and survey data for the Boro Park community in Brooklyn, NY, which is one of the three major Orthodox Jewish settlement areas in Brooklyn.

Readers interested in the Boro Park Orthodox community should see the late Egon Mayer's From Suburb to Shtetl: The Jews of Boro Park (1980).

Data on Boro Park is also available in two Data Bank reports: the 1991 New York Jewish Population Study's Profile of Counties, Boroughs and Neighborhoods, and the 2002 New York Study's Geographic Profile.

The Council of Jewish Federations "Overview" is only a pamphlet summarizing activities of the Council of Jewish Organizations (COJO) in this heavily Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.


Survey Reports

» Main Report

» Council of Jewish Organizations Overview

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