Greater Hartford Jewish Federation 1990 Marketing Study

Sponsor(s): Greater Hartford Jewish Federation, Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford

Principal Investigator(s): Gary A. Tobin

Population Estimates: This report does not include a population estimate. It is primarily a marketing report for Federation.
Key Findings: The study was designed to facilitate improved planning, fund raising, and community development efforts by the Greater Hartford Jewish Federation.

The study includes a chapter on the profile of the Jewish community including age, geographic distribution, intermarriage rates, and length of residence. It does not include a population estimate. The majority of the report summarizes information regarding patterns and motivation for giving, solicitation techniques, media and shopping habits, as well as knowledge and evaluation of Federation and area agency programs.

Appendix 1: The survey instrument, and focus group report.

Appendix 2: The participant questionnaire, and focus group script.

Sample: Jewish households in the Greater Hartford area.

Sample Size: 257 telephone interviews taken from the Federation list and 50 telephone interviews taken from a selection of distinctive Jewish names for a total of 300 interviews.

Sample Notes: A dual sample frame was constructed using the Federation list and a selection of distinctive Jewish names. The samples were merged and weighted so that the overall sample represents (from the author's perspective) the entire Hartford Jewish population, not just those Jews who are affiliated. Sampling was also stratified to include four geographic subdivisions: core communities, east of the river communities, western communities, and other communities.

Please note that because the actual sample size in some of the communities is very small, some of the data analyzes must be viewed with caution as there is likely a high margin of potential sampling error.


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