2001 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion

Sponsor(s): American Jewish Committee (AJC)

Study Dates: November 19 - December 4, 2001

Key Findings:

AJC 2001 Annual Survey of American Jewish Public Opinion focused on attitudes toward terrorism, Israel, national affairs, immigration, rating specific countries favorable/unfavorable, the UN, Jewish identity, and anti-Semitism.

Results of the survey are summarized in Press Release, Data Summary and Banners in the downloadable file section below.

Sample Size: 1,015 self-identified Jewish respondents interviewed by telephone from the Market Facts/Synovate Consumer panel.

Sample Notes:

Data are not weighted. Report indicates that the interviewed respondents are "...demographically representative of the United States adult Jewish population on a variety of measures."

Data files, banners and questionnaires on the Data Bank website are based on materials on the web site of The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, which are part of their massive collection of American public opinion research studies.


Survey Reports

» Data Summary

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Questionnaire

» Banners, Part 2

» Banners, Part 1

Data Files and Data Definitions

» Zipped SPSS Data File

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