2006 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion

Sponsor(s): American Jewish Committee (AJC)

Study Dates: September 25 - October 16, 2006.

Key Findings:

The 2006 AJC Annual Survey of American Jewish Public Opinion focused on assessing American Jewish opinion on a variety of topics, including: the campaign against terrorism and the war in Iraq, the Israel-Arab conflict, the attachment of American Jews to Israel, political and social issues in the United States, Jewish perceptions of anti-Semitism, Jewish opinion about various countries, and Jewish identity concerns.

Sample Size: 958 telephone interviews from the Synovate consumer panel.

Sample Notes:

Data file is not available yet, nor are the cross-tabulation banners. They will be added as soon as available.

A brief AJC Data Summary report is available for download below. It contains the survey questions, frequency counts and percentages.

Study Notes: No interviews were conducted on the Jewish Sabbath.


Survey Reports

» Data Summary

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