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Jewish Population of Northern Delaware 1962

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Center and Jewish Federation of Delaware

Principal Investigator(s): Harry Bluestone

Study Dates: January 15, 1962 to February 8, 1962.

Population Estimates: 7,900 Jews in Northern Delaware as of January 31, 1962.
Key Findings:
  • Previous estimate was 8,000 Jews in all of Delaware.

  • 53% of the Jews of Northern Delaware live in the City of Wilmington. Wilmington's Jewish population was 4.3% of the total population of Wilmington.

  • Brandywine Hundred contained 34%-35% of the Jews of Northern Delaware. Jewish persons accounted for 4%-5% of the total overall population of Brandywine Hundred.

  • The remainder of Northern Delaware (Christiana, Millcreek, the Newark and New Castle areas) included a total Jewish population of under 1,000, 12% of the Jews of Northern Delaware.

  • Over 80% of Northern Delaware Jewry over age 19 were married.

  • "The Jewish birth rate was estimated at 15.0 per thousand in 1961 in Northern Delaware." (Wilmington 6.5, Brandywine Hundred 23.4)

  • Wilmington contained a far larger proportion of older people than did any of the suburbs.

  • 60% of Northern Delaware heads of households affiliate with a synagogue; denominational preference is divided among Reform, Conservative and Orthodox-Traditional synagogues.

  • 75% of children between the ages of eight and thirteen years of age were currently enrolled in a school for Jewish education (70% of females, 78% of males).

  • Additional data in the report focus on demographics, mobility and movement patterns, the Jewish Community Center, affiliation, and Jewish education.
Sample: Northern Delaware is the area of New Castle County which is bounded on the north and west by Pennsylvania, the Delaware River on the east, and the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal on the south. Maps included, with census tracts noted.

Sample Size: 2,286 Jewish households interviewed; survey was an attempted census which could not reach only 100 Jewish households.

Sample Notes: Section on methodology included in the appendix. Questionnaire, instructions to the interviewers, postcard sent to potential respondents also included.

Interviewers were volunteers; details on work process in Appendix.

The survey was based on telephone calls to individuals using a master list constructed from six sources: the Jewish Federation of Delaware list of contributors and non-contributors, the Jewish Community Center mailing list, temple and congregational membership and mailing lists, organization membership lists secured from the Jewish Federation of Delaware, the City Directory, and the list of residents at the Kutz home.

Study Notes: Detailed demographic analysis tables in the Appendix.

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