Jewish Population of San Francisco, Marin County and the Peninsula 1959

Sponsor(s): Jewish Welfare Federation of San Francisco, Marin County and the Peninsula

Principal Investigator(s): Fred Massarik

Population Estimates: 1958-59 Report estimated that the Jewish population of San Francisco, the Peninsula and Marin County to be approximately 66,000.

Jewish estimates by areas: San Francisco proper: 46,600, the Peninsula: 16,700 and Marin County: 2,700.

Key Findings:

  • San Francisco "proper" Jewish population has increased approximately 14% since the last study in 1939, which estimated approximately 40,900 Jews compared to 46,600 in 1959.

  • Report data on home ownership, length of time living in the area, plans to move, demographics: marital status, employment, education; Jewish denominational identification, congregation membership, religious service attendance, Jewish ritual practice, Jewish education, etc., are organized by geographic sub-area. Data are not combined for the overall San Francisco, Peninsula and Marin County area.
  • Intermarriage rates estimated to be approximately 17% in San Francisco and 20% on the Peninsula.

Sample Size: Approximately 1,000 Jewish households.

Sample Notes: Data file is not available; original data on "IBM" cards.

Brief methodological discussion in the "Introduction."

Report indicates that a detailed sampling discussion is included in a "separate Appendix," which was to be issued after the release of the Main Report. Methodological Appendix is not currently available at the North American Jewish Data Bank.

Study Notes: At the time the 1959 San Francisco area study was released, Fred Massarik was the Director of the Research Bureau, Jewish Federation- Council of Greater Los Angeles.


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