Jewish Population of San Francisco, Marin County and the Peninsula 1959

Sponsor(s): Jewish Welfare Federation of San Francisco, Marin County and the Peninsula

Principal Investigator(s): Fred Massarik

Population Estimates:

1958-59 Report estimated that the Jewish population of San Francisco, the Peninsula and Marin County to be approximately 66,000.

Jewish estimates by areas: San Francisco proper: 46,600, the Peninsula: 16,700 and Marin County: 2,700.

Key Findings:


San Francisco "proper" Jewish population has increased approximately 14% since the last study in 1939, which estimated approximately 40,900 Jews compared to 46,600 in 1959.

Report data on home ownership, length of time living in the area, plans to move, demographics: marital status, employment, education; Jewish denominational identification, congregation membership, religious service attendance, Jewish ritual practice, Jewish education, etc., are organized by geographic sub-area. Data are not combined for the overall San Francisco, Peninsula and Marin County area.

Intermarriage rates estimated to be approximately 17% in San Francisco and 20% on the Peninsula.


Sample Size: Approximately 1,000 Jewish households.

Sample Notes:

Data file is not available; original data on "IBM" cards.

Brief methodological discussion in the "Introduction."

Report indicates that a detailed sampling discussion is included in a "separate Appendix," which was to be issued after the release of the Main Report. Methodological Appendix is not currently available at the North American Jewish Data Bank.

Study Notes:

At the time the 1959 San Francisco area study was released, Fred Massarik was the Director of the Research Bureau, Jewish Federation- Council of Greater Los Angeles.

Language: English


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