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A Comparative Study of the Jewish Communities of Norwich and New London, 1938

Sponsor(s): Conference on Jewish Relations, Robison, Sophia M. (editor)

Principal Investigator(s): Bessie B. Wessel

Study Dates: 1938

Population Estimates:

Jewish population estimate in 1938 was 1,885 in New London and 1,647 in Norwich, CT.

Report analyzes Jewish population data in the context of census data on the two cities and Connecticut in general.

Study Notes:

Monograph is a compilation of nine local Jewish population studies completed in the 1930's, many of which had been conducted by (or assisted by) the Conference on Jewish Relations.

Chapter 1 reviews the methods used for Jewish population estimates in these studies; it should be reviewed in conjunction with the local community study/studies being reviewed.

Chapter 2: Trenton, New Jersey, 1937; Chapter 3: Passaic, NJ, 1937; Chapter 4: Buffalo, NY 1938; Chapter 5: Buffalo, NY, 1938; Chapter 6: Norwich/New London, CT, 1938; Chapter 6: Pittsburgh, PA, 1938; Chapter 7, Detroit, MI, 1935; Chapter 8: Chicago, IL, 1930 based on death certificate analysis; Chapter 9: Minneapolis, MN, 1936; Chapter 10: San Francisco, CA, 1938.

The copy of the monograph available for scanning by the Data Bank in 2007 had many handwritten comments and "strike-through" lines. Despite these comments, etc., we believe that the reports have considerable historic value.

Language: English