A Study of Jewish Culture in the Bay Area, 2000

Sponsor(s): Institute for Jewish and Community Research

Principal Investigator(s): Gary A. Tobin

Study Dates: July 18, 2000 - August 7, 2000

Key Findings:

Survey of 1,276 Jewish respondents conducted in the San Francisco Bay Area by Gary Tobin in 2000 was supplemented by Focus Groups and Content Analysis.  Survey data, etc., explored Jewish Culture in the Bay Area, concluding that:

"To summarize the most important points of the report, Jews in the Bay Area believe that participating in Jewish culture is an important part of their Jewish identity. Over ninety percent of the respondents participate in some form of Jewish cultural activities. These include film, music, and lectures as the three most popular types of Jewish participation. Yet attending theatre, dance, and all other forms of Jewish culture are also important. Jews also participate in Jewish culture at home. Over seventy–five percent say that they read Jewish books, newspapers or magazines. Moreover, watching Jewish television programs and renting Jewish videos are also key venues for participating in Jewish culture. About 33% report using a computer for Jewish cultural participation. Just as importantly, 90% of the Jews in the Bay Area are interested in attending more Jewish cultural programs. They are most interested in film, art exhibits, and theatre. Both the current use and the potential use for involving Jews through Jewish cultural activities is enormous." 


1,276 mail survey respondents from a sample of DJNs (distinctive Jewish names) in the San Francisco Bay area.

Sample Size: 1,276

Sample Notes:

Mail survey response rate was much higher -  23% -  than expected.

Non-probability, convenience sample.  

Methodological summary on pages 77-80 of the report.

Language: English


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