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Analysis of Jewish Education Survey for Des Moines IA 1953

Sponsor(s): Bureau of Jewish Education, Des Moines, Iowa

Principal Investigator(s): Asher Ettinger

Study Dates: Summer, 1953

Population Estimates: Summer telephone survey of known households in the community estimated a total of 759 Jewish children in Des Moines, Iowa in 1953.
Key Findings: Survey data of Jewish-connected households provides basic information on number of children in community, broad age categories, percentage interested in attending and/or have attended the Community Hebrew School, etc.

At the time, families of 41% of the children were associated with a Conservative synagogue, 30% a Reform synagogue, 23% Orthodox, and 7% unaffiliated.

Study Notes: Report has been included as part of the Data Bank's legacy study initiative. Please see the 1956 Des Moines Jewish Population Census report for more general information on the De Moines Jewish community in the 1950s.


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