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Republican Jewish Coalition - Exit Poll Data - November 2012

Sponsor(s): Republican Jewish Coalition

Study Dates: November 2012

Population Estimates:
Key Findings:

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) released data from three exit polls conducted after voters in November, 2012 had voted in the Presidential election contest between the incumbent president, Barack Obama (Democrat) and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

  • U. S. National Exit Poll data reported for 1,000 Jewish voters who reported having voted in the national election.
    • 61% of Jewish voters reported that they voted for Obama, 32% for Romney.
    • RJC Press release noted that the percentage of Jewish voters who voted for the Republican candidate increased from 22% in 2008 to 32% in 2012.


  • Downloadable PDFs for the US data include a Summary of the national results and a cross-tabulation analysis exploring the relationship of key variables and voting patterns, etc.
    • The questions included in the survey (see Summary) include religion, Jewish denominational identification, synagogue attendance, age, gender, and geographic area as well as voting choice, political orientation and political party, the importance of Israel in the respondent's decision on his/her presidential vote, opinions about Obama and Romney, and an assessment by the respondents as to whether President Obama was more pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian.
    • The cross-tabulation analyses essentially cross-tab almost every variable in the exit poll survey with each other.


  • Ohio exit poll data reported for 600 Jewish voters in Ohio - 64% reported voting for Obama and 32% for Romney.
    • Variables in Summary and Cross-tabulations are more or less identical to the national questions, except for the geographic data reported.
  • Florida exit poll data also reported for 600 Jewish voters - 66% Obama, 30% Romney; similar summary and cross-tab analyses are available

Exit poll data methodology is not described in any of the reports, but the methodological procedures used are fairly standard. 

All data are on registered voters who reported voting in the November 2012 election, and identified as Jewish or gave Judaism as their response when asked about religion. 

National data results indicate that 51% of ALL voters actually voted for Obama and 47% for Romney.  In Florida, the percentages were 50% Obama and 49% Romney; in Ohio, 51% Obama and 48% Romney.

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