The Jewish Community of Windsor, 2011

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA, Windsor Jewish Federation

Study Dates: 2011 Canadian National Household Survey

Key Findings:

The June 2014 report on the Jewish Community of Windsor only includes Part I -  Basic Demographics, which includes useful data on historical patterns of Jewish populations numbers in Windsor.

Among the major findings:

• The Jewish population of Windsor was 1,520 in 2011. Jews comprised 0.5% of the total
Windsor population.

• Between 2001 and 2011 the size of the Windsor Jewish community stayed at about the same level, with a minimal loss of only 50 people.

• Windsor is the fourteenth largest Jewish community in Canada.

• Within the Windsor Jewish community, the 0-14 year cohort decreased markedly in the last decade. There were 170 in this age group in 2011 compared to 270 in 2001.

The 15-24 and 25-44 cohorts stayed at about the same levels.

• The 45-64 age group increased significantly in the last decade. There were 615 in this cohort in 2011 compared to 415 in 2001.

On the other hand, the number of seniors declined somewhat in the last decade. There were 300 elderly Jews in 2011 compared to 375 in 2001.

• The median age of the Windsor Jewish community (50.7 years) is significantly higher than that of the total Windsor population (40.3 years) or the Canadian Jewish population (40.5 years).

• The size of the Jewish community’s population ranks twenty-first among ethnic groups in
Windsor. The top five ethnic affiliations include French, British, Canadian, Italian and

Study Notes:

DataBank users should review the Appendices to the report in addition to the main text and summary of findings. 

The Appendices include discussions of the utility of the National Household Survey of 2011 (which replaced earlier Census "long-form" data collection efforts), a discussion of the Revised Jewish Definition used in 2011 and a comparison with the Standard Jewish Definition used in earlier Census-based reports on Jewish Canada, a discussion of ethnic origin attribution used in the definition of Jewish persons, and supplemental, additional tables on demographics.

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