Belonging Without Believing: Jews and Their Distinctive Patterns of Religiosity and Secularity

Sponsor(s): Florence G. Heller JJC Association Research Center, JCCs of North America JCC Association

Principal Investigator(s): Steven M. Cohen, Lauren Blitzer

Study Dates: 2008

Key Findings:

"Belonging Without Believing: Jews and their Distinctive Patterns..." by Dr. Steven M. Cohen and Lauren Blitzer uses data on Jewish respondents from the 2007 Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life"s American Religious Landscape Survey to examine issues of Jewish affiliation and belief.

The PEW Principal Investigator was Luis Lugo; study dates: May 8, 2007 - August 13, 2007. Reports  by PEW Forum released in 2008 -  Analysis by Cohen and Blitzer focusing on Jewish respondents was issued shortly thereafter (with thanks to the PEW Forum for their original work and publications).

Over 35,000 respondents interviewed.

Population Estimates: Pew report estimates that 1.7% of all American adults are Jewish by religion (3.8 million)



Study Notes:

Report by Steven M. Cohen and Lauren Blitzer was based on the 2008 PEW American Religious Landscape Survey.  The Report is also available on the BJPA (Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner) website.  The summary on BJPA notes:

"This report is based on some findings of the 2008 Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life's study on the American Religious Landscape. The authors use the findings of this study to compare and contrast Jewish religious beliefs, behavior, and belonging to the majority Christian population. The study concludes that unaffiliated Jews believe and behave like the religiously unaffiliated American, with the major difference being that they belong: despite their lack of beliefs, they join communal institutions, like the religiously committed American. The authors offer implications of this trend for Jewish communal policy."

The Slide Set was originally released on the DataBank website - with the PEW American Religious Landscape materials.  It is still there;  Both the Report and the Slide Set are available on the download section on the right.

Language: English


Survey Reports

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Slide Sets

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