AJC 2016 Poll: Survey of American Jewish Opinion

Sponsor(s): American Jewish Committee

Principal Investigator(s): SSRS Social Science Research Solutions

Study Dates: August 8-August 28, 2016

Key Findings:

The 2016 American Jewish Committee (AJC) Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion utilized a landline and cellphone survey to measure the opinions of 1,002 Jewish Americans, with the 2016 election campaign the major focus of the survey. Survey interviews were conducted by SSRS between August 8 and August 28, 2016.

Available for downloading are the AJC press release summarizing the survey results, a summary of the the survey questions and response percentages and a detailed explanation of the research methodology.  

The AJC press release noted that the AJC survey shows that "...Democrat Hillary Clinton would win 61 percent of the Jewish votes and Republican Donald Trump would garner 19 percent, if elections were held today." 

The survey also covers the views of American Jews on other pressing issues, including the degree of confidence they have in key American institutions; what they think is the appropriate role of the U.S. in world affairs; and views on anti-Semitism and the U.S.-Israel relationship, as well as Arab-Israeli issues and Jewish identity.


1,002 Jewish Americans interviewed by landline (N=523) and cellphone (N=479) in August, 2016.

Sample Size: 1,002

Sample Notes:

SSRS conducted the study for AJC using their Omnibus Survey as a means of contact and interviews.  Detailed research methodology report describes interviewing, weighting and post-stratification procedures, using both Pew 2013 parameters and internal SSRS parameters based on years of interviewing with Jewish respondents as part of the Omnibus Survey.

SSRS reports an error rate of +/- 3.57%, including design error related to weighting and post-stratification (as described in the methodology report).  Response rate was 37.5% overall: 43.5% in the landline frame and 30.8% in the cell phone frame.  See footnote number 2 in the Methodology report for details.

Table 3 in the Methodology Report summarizes sample disposition by frame; Table 1 describes the impact of weighting the completed interviews; Table 2 summarizes the survey's MOE.

Study Notes:

Data file available for downloading via Berman Jewish DataBank.

SPSS SAV  1,002 respondents, 55 variables.

SPSS POR, same number of variables and respondents (for users who do not use SPSS)

Data currently unweighted-  WEIGHT is variable 55 .. data should be analyzed with WEIGHT


All 1,002 respondents considered Jewish.

S2 Religion qualified 789 as Jewish by Religion

S3 Consider Self Jewish added 212 cases as Jewish (not by Religion) plus 1 respondent Jewish in Q7.


Landline interviews 523 = 488 RDD LL and 35 from Orthodox special sample

Cell interviews 479 = 461 Cell RDD and 18 special Orthodox cell sample

See Methodology for details


Language: English